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Prom and Homecoming Party Bus Rentals New Brunswick, New Jersey

Prom and Homecoming are events in New Brunswick, NJ that students look forward to all year. It can also feel frightening for parents.

Teenagers aren’t known for their driving skills, especially while doing so unsupervised. Worst yet is when your student is someone else’s passenger.

Choosing is both a safer and affordable alternative. We offer reliable transportation throughout the community with experienced professional drivers.

Best of all, we have options for any number of passengers, including chaperones. When you need worry-free student outings, you can always depend on us. We’re the “party bus rental near me” service that you’ve been searching for!

Prom & Homecoming - Party Bus Rentals in Brunswick, NJ

Party Bus Rentals in New Brunswick for Prom and Homecoming

Local area students luck out with the many unique venues throughout the community. High schoolers have plenty of options in where their dances will be held.

That also means navigating to an unfamiliar place at night. Add in passengers, conservation, and music blaring, and they become distracted.

We offer safe transportation to wherever their big event is hosted. Rent your affordable party buses from us for reliable shuttle service to:

  • Gambino’s Inn
  • Rutgers Gardens
  • Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center
  • Emporio by Ashi
  • New Brunswick High School
  • New Brunswick Hub Teen Center
  • The Heldrich Hotel & Conference Center
  • Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
  • Cherry Valley Country Club
  • Middlesex County Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Starland Ballroom
  • Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts
  • And other well-known venues.

From swanky ballrooms and hotels to nearby restaurants, we travel to them all. No matter their party’s location or what school they attend, we will get them there safely.

Prom & Homecoming - Party Bus Rentals in Brunswick, NJ

Why Rent a Party Bus for Your Student’s School Dance?

The traditional choice for prom and homecoming is limousines. They’re long sedans with little legroom, cramped, and have awkward seating.

Even limo companies now offer larger vehicles, at a much higher rental rate. Instead, we offer tons of space and onboard amenities at affordable costs.

Our drivers go through an extensive background check to ensure only the safest transportation possible. All of our party buses are continually cleaned and maintained for smooth, safe, and comfortable rides.

We offer bus rentals for any group size from 14 to 36 passengers. We can stock cold water and sodas and other snacks with advanced notice.

Why Hire Us for Your Students?

Many students end up splurging on a fancy car rental or a limo. This means that they still either end up driving or making small talk.

Party buses, on the other hand, offer a lot more room to spread out. Whether they are attending with a date or going stag, everyone gets a seat.

Our professional drivers are local and receive GPS navigation updates. There is no risk of your students getting lost or changing plans.

Renting a party bus for the evening is also an affordable option. Secure your low group rate now on our safe and comfortable vehicles.

We guarantee better transportation solutions for any outings. Choose Party bus New Brunswick today.

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