Rutgers University Students

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Rutgers University Students Party Bus Rental Service

Rutgers University students have a lot of unique events to look forward to all year. However, transportation quickly becomes a problem when traveling with a group.

The University also has plenty of interesting meeting spots throughout New Brunswick, NJ. Luckily, wherever events are held, you can count on us for cheap party bus rentals.

Party Bus New Brunswick offers safe, affordable, and comfortable vehicles every day. Combined with our local driving experts, any occasion becomes its best with us.

Choose us for simplified tailgating or to join your student clubs elsewhere. Wherever and whenever your special day is, our team gets you there safely.

Rutgers University Students Party Bus Rental Service

Party Bus Rentals for Rutgers University Students

Whether you plan on touring the campus or attending full-time, you’ll need wheels eventually. As a prominent name in education and outreach, Rutgers offers events throughout the community.

From annual gatherings to new opportunities, it helps to have travel arrangements. When you have many other members or volunteers, we can help keep them all together.

You can count on us for affordable bus rental rates for any traveling party. Hire your best vehicles and drivers for your next student outings, such as:

  • Frat and Sorority Housing
  • Sporting Events
  • Homecoming Bed Races
  • Community Service Gatherings
  • College Avenue Student Center
  • Zimmerli Art Museum
  • Rutgers Community Arts
  • Center for Latino Arts and Culture
  • Cabaret Theater
  • Unity Square Convention Center
  • Awards Banquets
  • Group Outings

We can help you and your friends with arriving at games on time. Choose us when you need to cut through traffic quickly with our affordable buses.

Rutgers University Students Party Bus Rental Service

Why Party Buses are Ideal for Rutgers University Students

All too often, there’s a single person with a driver’s license among a group of college students, or not everyone has a set of wheels..

Even if you make carpooling arrangements, it’s tough corralling college kids. The moment everyone pulls away, they head into separate directions.

Instead, you can keep all of your friends in one spacious vehicle all day long. Our affordable pricing is even cheaper when you travel with a group.

Whether you need buses for a few hours or all day, we’re here for you. Book your party bus for any school event or group outing.

Why Choose Us for Your Party Bus Rental?

How many freshmen do you see that still drive their first car? When it doesn’t have heat, A/C, or power steering, it makes for a rough ride.

All too often, they gleefully pack their backseat with as many friends as possible. Not only are you squished, but you are unsafe the entire time.

Rather than fighting over gas money, you can secure a comfortable ride at affordable rates. Our expert drivers provide reliable transportation to any event or venue.

Keep your pub crawls, homecoming events, and other adventures simple with us. You’ll find that we offer cheap party bus prices with the most competitive rates of any party bus service nearby

Why settle for beat-up sedans and rideshare apps? Rutgers University students prefer Party Bus New Brunswick.

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