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New Jersey exquisite wineries to visit

The wine industry in New Jersey is continuously growing. With over 1,800 acres of actively operating vineyards, New Jersey is quickly establishing itself as the place to be when looking for affordable and exquisite wines. 

First, we begin with wineries located in South Jersey, sandwiched by the Atlantic Ocean and the lower Delaware River. 

  • Salem Oak Vineyards

Salem County is not only known for its Wild West experience. It is also the home of one of the best New Jersey wineries. Here  you can taste local wines, homemade chocolate, and a delightful cuisine.

  • Terra Nonno

A family inherited the land that was transformed into a winery. The Terra Nonno which translates to “father’s island,” is serving guests their best locally-made wines, one being the Grandfather’s blend.

  • Tomassello Winery

This one is regarded as one of the popular and oldest wineries in New Jersey. It has been in existence since 1933 and is being operated by the Tomassellos’ third generation successors.

  • Villari Vineyards

The Villari Vineyards is another family-owned and operated winery where visitors can enjoy a variety of wines. Some of its most famous wines include the Chardonnay and One Nation options.

  • Valenzano Winery

Proudly providing some of the finest New Jersey wines since 1996, the Valenzano Winery has won numerous awards from international wine competitions. If you like the taste of award-winning wine, our party bus Jersey City will gladly take you there.

  • Summit City Winery

Classical white and red grape wines, vintage and specialty wines – these are just some of the things Summit City Winery is known for. Unique memorabilia? They got that covered as well!

  • Sharrot Winery

Looking for an all-year-round tasting room and wine bar? This is where we will take you! The live music events, award-winning wines, and great food menu definitely deserve to be on top of your to-visit list.

  • Natali Vineyards

This place is known for growing European wine grapes that are then turned into the Natali special. You will surely be delighted by the taste of their wine.

  • Willow Creek Winery

The location of Willow Creek Winery has a unique climate that allows the production of some of the finest hand-crafted wines in the area. Plus, it boasts outstanding views and a delicious menu.

  • Renault Winery

If you are into old wineries, our party bus rental New Brunswick can take you to the oldest winery in New Jersey – the Renault Winery. This one sits on resort property and all guests are encouraged to indulge in their wine selections and shared plates.

  • William Heritage Winery

This one is slowly cementing itself as one of the largest and fastest-growing wineries in New Jersey. Just recently, the William Heritage Winery received high ratings from Wine Advocates and Wine Enthusiasts.

  • Plagido’s Winery

This family-owned and operated winery is located in Hammonton. Despite being a little gem in the middle of other bigger wineries, it has been awarded Winery of the Year.

  • White Horse Winery

A 58-acre farm, the White Horse Winery is popular for its old-style wines. Although it only opened in 2016, in the few years it has been operating, the winery has garnered a lot of guests who enjoy dozens of wine options, food pairings, and live music.

Looking for a party bus nearby that can take you to Central Jersey? We got you! 

  • Fox Hollow Vineyards

Premium grapes that have been hand-tended, hand-harvested, and skillfully crafted into an exquisite wine – that is what makes the Fox Hollow Vineyards one of the best places to sip some high-quality wine.

  • Iron Plow Vineyards

Nestled in Burlington County, this winery has been serving the community with picturesque views, fine wines, and gorgeous sunsets since 1690. Because of that, guest list it as one of the highly recommended wineries to visit in Central Jersey.

  • Terhune Orchards Vineyards And Winery

Operating since 1975, this winery offers 16 varieties of wines. Plus, the place holds special events and activities such as pick-your-own, music fest, and farm activities.

  • Laurita Winery

The name of this vineyard is an ode to the mothers of the owners. The best words to describe this winery and what their philosophy exemplifies are: sustainable, authentic, and very local. If you love a night’s out with live music, this is the winery to visit.

  • Cream Ridge Winery

This vineyard has been offering a diverse selection of exquisite wines for over 30 years. Guests who have come to taste their wine options only have positive feedback for the integrity, passion, and creativity the place and its staff exudes.

  • 4 JG’s Winery

Would you believe that this winery is located in a historic farming area? Well, it is! It has been operated by the Giunco family since 2004.

Planning a wine tour in North Jersey? Yes, we also have a list of the best wineries in this area that we do not want you to miss out on!

  • Ventimiglia Vineyard

Into a rustic farm just at the Appalachian Foothills? The Ventimiglia Vineyard is open to all lovers of classic, fine wines. That is not all! Guests can take a hike on the nearby trail or enjoy a picnic in the area!

  • Villa Milagro Vineyards

Want to explore the rustic road along the Delaware River? Or savor the picturesque view of two states? Well, this is where your party bus in New Jersey should take you next. 

  • Sky Acres Winery

Here is another award-winning winery that has garnered both the 2018 and 2019 first-place awards by the New York International Wine Competition. What makes it a better winery is its sustainable practice and extensive research in making its wines the best in the business.

  • Unionville Vineyards

Chardonnay, Syrah, and the Pinot Noir – these are just some of the highly recommended and highly-rated wines the Unionville Vineyards boasts. You shouldn’t  pass on what this winery has to offer!

  • Working Dog Winery

Award-winning estate-grown wines and relaxing music are some of the things you can look forward to when coming to Working Dog Winery. 

  • Four Sisters Winery

Covered deck, bistro menu, and live music on weekends – what more could you ask for a vineyard? But wait, there’s more! This place is a boutique winery that offers murder master dinners, barefoot grape stomping, and wine tasting with no reservations needed.

  • Hopewell Valley Vineyards

The combination of old-world traditions and new flair is what makes this winery a popular option for guests from around the world. The three generations of winemaking experience surely helped its owners create the famous Porto Rosso and Barbara.

  • Brook Hollow Winery & Event Facility

A winery that is dedicated to crafting high-quality wines straight from the farm and fruit. If you like some fruity flavor to your wine, this place is known to create wines with hints of raspberries, apples, and citrus.

  • The Federal Twist Vineyard

This winery is conveniently located near the banks of the Delaware River and the river towns of New Hope and Lambertville. 

  • Old York Cellars

If you want to enjoy an award-winning wine while socializing with other guests, the Old York Cellars is yet another great vineyard to come and visit.

  • Beneduce Vineyards

The one philosophy everyone in the Beneduce Vineyards follows is to bring the best out in their fruits. Named one of the top 25 Vineyards in the United States by Travel + Leisure, the wine options in this winery are truly world-class.

Hire Our Party Bus Wine Tour

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